Technical Challenges and Solutions

  • Docker To Reproduce Prod

    February 28, 2024

    I recently came across an interesting situation - having a wizard with some automatically created components, I thought I could use the components names as a indicator when to activate and inactivate...

  • Template Form no empty string at beginning directive validator

    February 2, 2024

    Template driven forms are rarely used because in my experience, the data and forms are a bit more difficult to work with although, in theory, Angular provides all the documentation needed. In this ...

  • Page Title Strategy

    January 26, 2024

    The project I am mostly involved in at the moment is really challenging as it isthe first projects I am delivering to be public facing at a very big scale so my limits are being pushed by implementin...

  • Show Redirect to Login Pop Up When Keycloak Refresh Token expired

    December 21, 2023

    Keycloak is often use as an authentication and user management tool and it comes with a fair amount of functionality right our of the box. For the project I am currently involved in, we use it as t...

  • Reusing a row component

    November 29, 2023

    A cool thing I really like about Angular is that you can reuse the components you have created. So when I noticed we had in our projects rows repeating, I came up with this "row" component:

  • Utility remove nulls from object

    October 19, 2023

    Just wanted to take note of a cute little util I've been using lately to remove nulls from objects. export function removeNulls(obj: any): any { const copy = {...obj}; Object.keys....